Nourish To Flourish

A Message from Cheryl, Our Director

Nourishing Neighbors to Flourish

In Franklin County, an estimated 400,000 people struggle with food insecurity. Food insecurity is living without reliable access to sufficient, affordable nutritious food.

It is a symptom of poverty. The average food insecure person misses 3 meals a week.

2.58 Million Meals (2020) were provided through HEART to food insecure families.

Over 50% of food provided was fresh: fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, or dairy.

Selecting food from shelves
Image of apples in cardboard crates

Healthy Food Matters

Healthy nutritious foods can lead to improved health outcomes & mitigated healthcare costs

Doctors prescribe fresh produce instead of pills to fight diabetes. (Columbus Dispatch: Logan County Medical Practice’s preferred prescription is produce, not pills)

HEART is part of Mid-Ohio Farmacy, welcoming neighbors with a doctor’s prescription to shop for fresh produce once a week.

HEART nourishes hungry neighbors with nutritious food, connects them to life-building community resources, so they can flourish for a lifetime.

News and Events

News and Events

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